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candlesbuysell's Journal

Creative Handmade Candles
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Hello and welcome to Creative Handmade Candles. This community is all about promoting Candle Artisans and letting them have a place to showcase their work, advertise their businesses, and hopefully sell some of their beautiful candles! Membership is moderated, and only available to people who create their own candles - not selling a brand name or factory produced candles. Candle Artisans are preferred to have their own operating website. Creative Handmade Candles Community is not liable for any work produced by these Artisans - This is only a place provided for these Artists to showcase their work. The members are moderated so that to the best of this community's ability - the candles showcased here are handmade. If you have any questions or comments please send them to me: Candle Artisan Johanna B. studio3b@pcai.net

Please keep posts clean and fun and no profanity or ugly comments. Enjoy!